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TONIGHT: Gozart Takes the Stage with Bad Omens and Muse in Historic Moment

Updated: Apr 17

In a career-defining event, Gozart is set to open for Bad Omens and Muse tonight. NMNM projects this performance will lead to for rapid fan growth once attendees hear Gozart spinning classical melodies into metal.

For those who first encountered Gozart while delving into NMNM's 2023 Best in New Music category winner, "Breaking Serenity," there's an ever-deepening appreciation of the profound camaraderie that binds these bands together as they rise within the industry. It's akin to a familial bond, with NMNM being warmly embraced despite the geographical divide of a few thousand miles.

It has been exciting for the NMNM team watching these bands ascends over the past few months.

Don't miss live streaming of Hell and Heaven Fest tonight! Follow Wolfgang Gozart and Breaking Serenity for exclusive behind-the-scenes updates.

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