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Cleveland's Largest & Scariest Indoor Haunted Attraction


Limited tickets nightly to ensure a better horror experience!

Must purchase in advance to guarantee entry.

Cleveland, Ohio, is known for its vibrant sports culture, rich history, and diverse culinary scene. However, a dark and chilling side to this city comes to life every Halloween season – the Nightmare Cleveland Haunted House. This spine-tingling attraction in the city's heart has been terrifying visitors for years with its eerie atmosphere, intricate sets, and talented actors who bring nightmares to life.

A Haunting History
Nightmare Cleveland Haunted House has a rich history dates back to the early 2000s. Over the years, it has evolved into one of Ohio's premier haunted attractions, drawing thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts from all around the region. Later, the haunt would become renovated in partnership by the creators of Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse including Rich Thomas (Stitch of Mushroomhead). The attraction now boasts cinematic-level special effects, performers, and set design. Dynamic visual storytelling adds to the immersive horror experience terrorizing its visitors.

A Nightmarish Experience
Visitors who dare to enter the Nightmare Cleveland Haunted House will interact in a world of terror, navigating maze-like scenarios while frightened by various monsters. The attraction's twisted corridors, hidden passageways, and chillingly realistic sets promote a sense of anxiety while visitors attempt to find a way through the haunt. Nightmare Cleveland explores various horror scenarios, from decrepit hospitals to haunted mansions, each meticulously designed to send shivers down your spine. Its dedication to storytelling sets Nightmare Cleveland apart from other haunted houses. Each room and scene has a narrative, and visitors will find themselves thrust into the midst of a terrifying story. The actors here are highly trained and committed to their roles, which adds a level of interactivity that fans travel from around the globe to attend.

Nightmare Cleveland has a reputation for its relentless scare tactics. It's not for the faint of heart; this attraction aims to test your courage and resilience. Jump scares, eerie soundscapes, and an overwhelming sense of dread will keep your heart racing throughout your journey. 

A Unique Twist
One of the standout features of Nightmare Cleveland Haunted House is its willingness to innovate and provide new experiences. It offers several variations, including a "touch pass", where 18+ visitors can have a more intense and terrifying experience. As the name suggests, a touch pass allows actors to interact physically with visitors, adding an extra layer of unease. This unique approach makes each visit to Nightmare Cleveland a fresh and thrilling experience, as you never quite know what to expect.

Community Involvement
Nightmare Cleveland Haunted House isn't just about scaring people; it's also deeply involved in the local community. The attraction often collaborates with charitable organizations to support good causes. Whether collecting canned goods for food banks, raising funds for local charities, or providing a platform for local artists, Nightmare Cleveland has positively impacted the Cleveland community.

NMNM Recommendation 10/10
Nightmare Cleveland Haunted House is more than just a haunted attraction – it's an experience that pushes the boundaries of fear and entertainment. Its dedication to storytelling, immersive sets, and a team of committed actors provides a nightmarish journey that leaves visitors both petrified and awestruck. Suppose you're a thrill-seeker looking for an unforgettable Halloween adventure. In that case, Nightmare Cleveland Haunted House in the heart of Ohio might be the perfect place to face your deepest fears and experience the terror that lurks in the shadows. NMNM will be there.

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