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Self Made Records LLC, a leading independent record label, announces the signing of Modern Mimes to its roster. Modern Mimes, known for their goth rock sound and visually stunning music videos, has been breaking into the forefront of independent music. Now signed with Self Made, Modern Mimes has global distribution with services through Earache Distribution.

This exciting collaboration between Modern Mimes and Self Made Records LLC marks a significant milestone for the band and the record label. Self-Made Records LLC has a solid track record of nurturing and promoting emerging talent, and the addition of Modern Mimes to their lineup is a testament to their dedication to helping rising musicians develop and refine their sound. However, please do not be mistaken; Modern Mimes has released their third album and is previously known within the music scene. A strategic alliance between Modern Mimes and Self Made means the band will have more time to make and create music, while Self Made takes the lead in helping provide digital marketing, distribution, and experiential guidance.

For more information on Modern Mimes and their partnership with Self Made Records LLC, please visit and SelfMadeRecords L.L.C. (

About Modern Mimes

"We aren’t saints. We aren’t prophets. We are simply emphatic people with an ear to the whispers of the future. When the waves of messages come, we put it into songs and let the spirits guide us. We stand for strength, grounding, magic, becoming, expansion; opening the doors to your own portals.

We are Modern Mimes."

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Nov 15, 2023
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