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Metal Fusion: Breaking Serenity and Gozart Unite in "Alive"

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

The Bands On NMNM Heavy Rotation.

While Breaking Serenity emerges as a formidable creative powerhouse, their journey has seen them conquer FM radio waves and forge alliances with industry luminaries. Amid this artful orchestration, a patient yet strategic masterplan unfolds, set to captivate the world in 2024. This enigmatic ensemble has unleashed another masterpiece where chaos and symphony converge as they breathe life into their latest opus, "Alive." Featuring the virtuoso talents of Gozart, pianist Robert Amacker, and violinist Matt Buchan, the song defies conventions and redefines the boundaries of metal.

"Alive" is a melancholy lament that delves deep into the complexities of an ending relationship. In the opening verse, a captivating melody takes shape, setting the mood for what follows. The ballad taps into the fundamental rhythms of existence, with each instrument mirroring the perpetual dance between end and beginning, emphasizing our world's ceaseless cycle.

Rather than evoking despair, "Alive" serves as a moving representation of life's unyielding ebb and flow. As the music ascends, it underscores the enduring spirit of survival. The lyrics beautifully articulate the profound essence of existence—a dance that fuses life with death, love with loss, and a symphony that intricately weaves sorrow and resilience into the very tapestry of our being.

But it's not just about the lyrics; the musicianship in "Alive" is carefully crafted—the guitar riffs of the chorus help to provide a heartbeat to the song. A buildup in tempo and intensity reflects one's ability to stand firmly in one's security despite deep hurt in a relationship's end. It's a complete musical experience that's emotionally evocative and skillfully executed.

Breaking Serenity and Gozart are names poised for prominence in alternative metal. As both bands emerge as vanguards of a burgeoning musical era, aligning with their ascent is an opportune moment. Become an integral part of their rise; it represents a unique opportunity to witness the inception of something extraordinary.

Notably, Gozart is preparing to release their inaugural single, "Thirst For Blood." Accompanying this significant musical debut is a meticulously crafted music video on October 27, 2023.

Renowned for their work with Korn, Vended, and Nonpoint, producers Chris Collier and Mikey Doling of Snot and Woyote have lent their expertise to shape the sound of "Thirst For Blood." Gozart, poised as a new and influential force in the metal genre, offers a profound listening experience with unveiling their debut single and music video. Gozart also performs at the Hell and Heaven Fest on November 4, 2023, with juggernauts A Day To Remember, Bad Omens, and Muse.

Breaking Serenity

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