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From the Shadows to the Stage: The Return of Static-X

by Jamie Reed

The year was 1999, the movie was Idle Hands, and the song was Bled for Days. This was my introduction to industrial metal gods Static-X. Instantly, I was hooked on the band's thrashing sound and the intensity of Wayne Static's vocals. I quickly purchased the album Wisconsin Death Trip and became an OG fan.

Fast forward 15 years to the death of Static, and what I thought for sure was the end of a band I had grown to love. When I first heard stories about this resurrection of the bar with the new frontman, Xero, or "Cyborg Wayne," I was pretty skeptical.

After reading that Wayne's family was receptive to Xero's tribute, I decided to catch their fall coheadliner with Sevendust. Static-X closed the show, and I had no idea what to expect. What I got was more than I could have asked for. Firstly, Xero is a fantastic fill-in vocalist who carries Wayne's legacy well. The performance was complete with giant, walking animatronics, accurate vocals, intense instrumentals, and most of Wisconsin Death Trip, as well as a good representation of their discography.

In other words, one hell of a ride. Xero stole the show but only partially overshadowed his bandmates. They all contributed to what was, undoubtedly, the best performance of the night. The band paid tribute to Wayne during the song Cold, which brought out all the feelings. All miss Wayne, but his legacy has been carried on well, even recording new music. Their cover of Nine Inch Nail's Terrible Lie is phenomenal. I see good things in Static-X's future and will also catch the winter leg of this tour.

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