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Fleischkrieg: Everything from Sausages to Stage Presence

In the heart of the scorching Las Vegas metal scene, one band has managed to sizzle their way into the spotlight with a unique blend of progressive, industrial, and brutalwave madness. That band is Fleischkrieg, combining relentless aggression with avant-garde creativity, all while maintaining a lighthearted sense of humor that will leave you hungry for more.

Fleischkrieg's distinct charm was on full display during a recent live performance in Detroit, Michigan, while on tour with metal legends Mushroomhead.

The drummer, whose bass pedal work is as intense as the Las Vegas sun, brought up a recent Instagram video in which a band member lobbed a hotdog from the stage into the crowd. A fan nearly caught the flying hot dog with their mouth but missed it, which the band agreed is fortunate, considering it was tossed around from member to member during the performance. It was a moment that captured the essence of Fleischkrieg's outlandish and unpredictable performances.

Sausages are a common theme in Fleischkrieg's shows, and they're not just limited to flying hot dogs. At a recent show, one dedicated fan donning a hot dog costume went wild in the center of a heated circle pit. The image of this spirited fan, adorned in sausage glory, perfectly embodies the playful yet ferocious nature of Fleischkrieg's performances.

As they showed me videos from their tour, it became clear that Fleischkrieg's sound is a unique blend of dance and brutal elements. Their songs oscillate between industrial and pulsating dance rhythms that could get "your girlfriend dancing" says the band. The combination of aggression and danceable beats is what they refer to as "brutalwave."

Fleischkrieg's fusion of genres and their propensity for culinary stage antics make them a band you don't want to miss. Their performances are a whirlwind of energy, humor, and musical innovation, creating a unique experience that will leave you both entertained and bewildered. Keep an eye on these saucy lads from Las Vegas – Fleischkrieg is turning up the heat in the metal world, one hot dog at a time.

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Oct 26, 2023
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