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Fan Requested Q&A with Breaking Serenity

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

BREAKING SERENITY | FIRST REPRESENTED ARTISTS OF NEW MUSIC, NEW METAL MEDIA Letter From A Pandemic on Spotify Beyond the Spotlight: Breaking Serenity's Unassuming Genius In alternative metal, a band's expertise is often measured by the intricacy of their sound, the eloquence of their lyrics, and their front person's vocal range and skill. Breaking Serenity carries the caliber to another level by inviting bands and artists they respect into numerous collaborations, 27 on just one album, Letter From a Pandemic [2023]. Tapestry of Mastery From the first notes of a Breaking Serenity track, one is immediately struck by the depth and complexity of the sound. This band takes its craft seriously, meticulously sculpting each song into a masterpiece. The precision and skill they weave together in their music is remarkable. The often intricate and expressive guitar work seamlessly blends with thunderous drumming and a bassline that drives the listener to want more.

I caught up with AJ and Niko of Breaking Serenity for a 3-part interview series, discussing their overall vision, inspiration, and upcoming goals for the band. While Letter From A Pandemic released in 2023, fans can expect music video debuts and much more in-depth content in 2024. The video included in this article is the first in the NMNM Q&A mini-series for independent musicians and bands. Subscribe to for more videos and announcements.

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Nov 13, 2023
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