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Factory of Art

Reviewed by Jay Madness In the midst of my usual work-related routine, a moment of diversion led me to the captivating soundscape of Factory of the Art. Navigating to their YouTube page, I was immediately met with the potent sonic assault of "Until the End of Time." Allowing the song to unfold, I found myself not just listening but experiencing a vivid journey back to the golden era of metal—a headbang-inducing odyssey that compelled me to proclaim, "This is some truly exceptional old-school metal!" The auditory adventure continued with "Temple of Doom," a track that proved to be a veritable time machine, transporting me seamlessly back to the corridors of my junior high school years. The marriage of a classic sound, a keyboard solo, and a guitar solo left me utterly enthralled. In a contemporary musical landscape where instrumental prowess is a rare gem, Factory of the Art delivered a refreshing surprise.

Venturing further into their repertoire, I discovered a treasure trove of approximately ten songs on their website. The excitement within me soared as snippets of "Story of the Pain," "No Tears," and "The Healing Part 1" tantalized my ears with 30-second eargasms. Craving more, I navigated back to their YouTube page and serendipitously stumbled upon "Long Way to the Height." This song embodied the quintessential classic metal anthem—its simplicity, groove, and tasteful solo resonating with timeless elements that define a metal masterpiece.

While taking a brief respite in the kitchen to grab a drink, a familiar bassline unexpectedly caught my attention. Skepticism lingered briefly, but as the guitars kicked in, I found myself spontaneously singing, "I was made for loving you, baby, you were made for loving me." As a devoted KISS fan, I couldn't resist joining in, nodding appreciatively at the seamless incorporation. The zenith of my exploration arrived with the full version of "No Tears" on YouTube, and it was nothing short of euphoric! From the inaugural note, the song thrust me into a realm of ferocious guitar riffs, thunderous drumbeats, and vocals echoing from the depths of traditional metal. The tight instrumentation and meticulous production created a formidable wall of sound—both oppressive and exhilarating.

The lyrical journey of "No Tears" ventured into the darker corners of human experience, exploring profound themes of pain, resilience, and the relentless struggle for survival. The evocative and cryptic nature of the lyrics added an enriching layer of depth, extending an invitation to listeners to interpret and intimately connect with the song on a personal level.

What truly sets Factory of the Art apart is their remarkable ability to seamlessly blend sub-genres within heavy metal. The listener is continually kept on their toes as the music effortlessly transitions from blistering thrash metal sections to slower, doom-laden passages, avoiding any hint of monotony. The guitar and keyboard solos stand out prominently, with raw basslines providing a solid rhythm and the double bass of drums adding a complimentary layer, highlighting the exceptional technical prowess of the band members, and infusing an additional dimension into the composition. Factory of the Art is an absolute must-listen for enthusiasts of the genre. The band has undeniably made a fervent fan out of me, and I want to hear more!

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