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Emotionally Provocative "On My Own" by Breaking Serenity ft Eyes Set To Kill & Jackie Agramonte

by Natasha Maxwell

In the alternative and post-hardcore music world, few bands have left as pointed of a mark as Eyes Set To Kill. Emerging from Phoenix, Arizona, the ensemble has captivated listeners with its diverse sound, powerful lyrics, and unwavering resilience. Over the years, they have evolved, challenged genre boundaries, and maintained a dedicated fan base, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Members of Breaking Serenity and Eyes Set To Kill

The Formation and Early Days

Eyes Set To Kill existed in 2003 when sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez decided to form a band. Their vision was clear - to create music that combined elements of alternative rock, post-hardcore, and metalcore. Over the years, the band's lineup has seen some changes, but the Rodriguez sisters have remained the creative driving force behind the bar.

One of the most striking features of Eyes Set To Kill is their ability to traverse a broad spectrum of musical styles within the alternative and post-hardcore genres. From their earlier, more melodic tracks like "Reach" to their heavier, emotionally charged songs like "Broken Frames," the band has consistently pushed the envelope, experimenting with various musical styles. Their versatility allows them to connect with an audience that craves diverse and emotionally charged music.

Emotional Lyrics and Poignant Themes

Eyes Set To Kill's music is a journey through the human psyche. Their lyrics delve into profound and often intense themes, such as love, loss, betrayal, and the struggles of life. Alexia Rodriguez's hauntingly powerful vocals convey a deep emotion that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level. Their songs explore the human condition, making them accessible to fans across the emotional spectrum.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges

The band's journey has been challenging. They have faced lineup changes, industry obstacles, and personal setbacks but consistently demonstrated resilience and perseverance.

Dedicated Fan Base

Eyes Set To Kill's connection with their fans is particularly remarkable. Their genuine interactions, both online and at live performances, have cultivated a devoted and passionate fan base. The band's accessibility and willingness to share their struggles make them more than just musicians to their fans; they are relatable figures who inspire and provide solace through their music.

Eyes Set To Kill

Evolving and Looking Ahead

Eyes Set To Kill has continued to evolve with each album release, ensuring their sound remains fresh and relevant. Their discography includes albums like "Reach," "The World Outside," and "Eyes Set To Kill," each showcasing their growth and musical exploration. With a new wave of music and collaborations, Eyes Set To Kill is poised for more exciting endeavors in the years to come.


Eyes Set To Kill is a testament to the power of diversity and resilience in the music industry. Their unique blend of styles, emotionally charged lyrics, and unwavering commitment to their craft have made them a force in alternative and post-hardcore music. As they continue to create, evolve, and inspire, Eyes Set To Kill is undoubtedly a band to watch. It has a promising future that builds on a legacy of musical diversity and emotional depth.

Jackie Agramonte, Co-Writer of "On My Own"

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