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December Screams Embers: Spooky Noodle Album Release with Self Made Records

I first learned of December Screams Embers in August when embarking on a project of writing music reviews in honor of my late husband, a talented musician lost before his time. While I can no longer pursue music along with my husband, who died of testicular cancer at 35, I can help promote the music of emerging bands and artists through press and communications support.

I contacted Jordan (vocalist) and discussed their past music and upcoming releases. We agreed to wait until the release of their album Spooky Noodle to write about their latest single, "Slim 'n Shady," featuring Lyric Noel. An ode to the spooky season of Halloween, "Slim 'n Shady" features a music video with a slasher film vibe beginning with friends visiting a park or campground setting. Throughout the plot, the friends are chased by a figure lurking nearby in the woods. Camera footage of the entity depicts the chaos that ensues while the friends are killed off individually.

Lyric Noel appears midway with guttural screams while she and Jordan feed off one another's energy during the song's climax. The combination of intensity, layering of vocals, and Halloween-esque music aids "Slim 'n Shady" in achieving its spooky mood. To learn how the video ends, be sure to watch the video in its entirety.

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Oct 27, 2023
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