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Nat's Bucket List

Photo-documentary Series

Learn Aerial Arts *** In progress ***

Vaudeville Entertainment *** In progress ***

Learn Fire dancing *** completed ***

Perform Live *** Completed at Robby's Memorial ***

Stand Under a Waterfall
Ride on a Ferris Wheel *** Completed with Robby and Kaelyn ***
Shark dive in the Ocean
Attend Jazz Club
Make Candles ***Completed with Emma***
Get a Memorial Tattoo

Watch the Sunrise and the Sunset in One Day *** Completed with Vanessa ***

See an Orchestra *** Completed at Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra ***
Snorkeling at a Coral Reef
Drive Route 66 Again
See a Broadway Musical
Tour a Vineyard
Attend a Live Poetry Reading
Photo Documentary Series *** In Progress ***
Make Soap
Go to a Drive-In Movie in Michigan
See Times Square
Take a Vacation Solo ***Completed in WV, OH, and PA***

Work on a Pottery Wheel
Get a Professional Body Massage ***Completed in La Jolla CA***
Take Dance Lessons ***Completed with CLI Studios***
Start a Blog ***In Progress***
Have a Murder Mystery Dinner Party
Sing a Duet Live ***Completed for Robby's memorial***
See Niagara Falls
Have Your Palm Read 
Go to a Book Signing ***Completed with Lindsay Manfredi, Unfuckwithable***
Take an Art Class ***Completed*

Go to the Movies by Yourself
Put Change into Someone’s Expired Parking Meter
Serve Food at a Soup Kitchen
Attend a Black-Tie Gala
Create a Piece of Art ***Completed with self-portrait***
Travel Outside of Your Own Country
Reconnect with an Old Friend ***Completed with Thad***
Participate in a 5K Race ***L.A. Marathon 5K***
Hike the Narrows at Zion National Park
See the Northern Lights ***Completed in 2023***
Spend the Day at a Resort Spa ***Completed in La Jolla CA***
Take a Mud Bath
Throw a Dart at a Map and Just Go
Make Fresh Pasta *** Completed April 2024 ***
Attend a Winemakers Dinner
Learn Another Language ***In progress, learning French and Spanish***
Get a Complete Makeover *** Completed ***
Make Paper *** Completed with my daughters ***
Cook with Your Friends *** Completed with Conner ***
Start Fire Without Matches
Eat Breakfast in Bed
Go Wine-Tasting
Host a Cookie Exchange
Cook a Traditional Dish from a Different Culture *** Completed with Coconut Curry ***
Pay for the Coffee/Meal of the Person Behind You at the Drive-Thru *** Completed in 2022 ***
Learn to Play an Instrument ***In progress, guitar***
Make a Gingerbread House ***Completed with my girls***
Be a Tourist in Your Own Town ***Completed in Sanford***

Attend Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert ***Completed with Castiel and Alanna***

Build a Massive Sandcastle 
Start an Herb Garden ***Completed***
Own an Original Piece of Artwork ***Completed with student's artwork***
Host a Friendsgiving
Stay at a Ranch ***Completed in Mackinac***
Register to Become an Organ Donor *** DONE ***
Build a House as a Volunteer
Climb a Volcano
Entertain Residents at a Nursing Home
Help Someone with a Check on Their Life  Goals List

Walk on a Glacier
Ride on a Train
Roll in a Huge Pile of Leaves ***Completed with my girls***
Go Whitewater Rafting Again
Climb to the Top of a Large Tree
Go to a Renaissance Festival ***Completed with Brittany***
Make a Snowman ***Completed with my daughters***
Milk a Cow
Name a Star *** Completed  10/26/2021, "Robby Fucking Maxwell III in the Pisces Constellation ***
Relax in a Natural Hot Spring *** Completed in Idaho ***
Hug a Redwood
Go to a Retreat
Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip ***Completed with Vanessa***
Visit the Four Corners (4 States at Once) *** Completed with my late father ***
Take a Biking Trip
Own Land ***DONE, hell Yeah***
Toboggan *** Completed with Megan and our children***
Climb a Lighthouse
Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
Explore the Everglades
Go to an Oxygen Bar
Attend another Festival
Sew Something You Can Wear *** Done
Walk the Las Vegas Strip
Attend a Unique Small-Town Festival

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